Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

  • Published: 11 July 2019
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  • Dylan Valencia 2
    Dylan Valencia 2  31 minutes back


  • bga bga
    bga bga  52 minutes back

    So icy song billie

    • Davi Monteiro
      Davi Monteiro  1 hours back

      Helo i'am David i love you

      • _ Arinka_
        _ Arinka_  2 hours back

        This are you?

      • purplelightning YT
        purplelightning YT  3 hours back



        • Wormybag9035
          Wormybag9035  2 hours back

          Unfunny unoriginal and stupid e.e

      • Rafael Ojeda
        Rafael Ojeda  3 hours back

        Hello, WTF is this!!!!!

      • Тамараша Беджисова

        Я очень рада за Билли! Джастин Бибер её кумир.😘🎆🎉

        • Никто Никтевич

          Billie am love 😍😍😍

          • Shere Wenzel
            Shere Wenzel  3 hours back


          • Нана Гросси
            Нана Гросси  4 hours back


            • 6E27 TONG Ngai
              6E27 TONG Ngai  4 hours back

              BAD GUY by BILLIE EILLISH covered by HK GOVERNMENT!BAD GOVERNMENT must be overthrown!🔥

              • Gabriel Rodrigues
                Gabriel Rodrigues  5 hours back

                Muito boaaa🏆🔥

                • Ximena
                  Ximena  5 hours back

                  Esa es billi

                  • Mohammed Arhaan
                    Mohammed Arhaan  5 hours back

                    JUSTIN is singing better then her wow

                    • Music Lover
                      Music Lover  6 hours back

                      We all have some daring thoughts in mind, which we just don't dare to put into practice.
                      "My mommy likes to sing along with me
                      But she won't sing this song
                      If she reads all the lyrics
                      She'll pity the men I know"

                      • Sv Kol
                        Sv Kol  7 hours back

                        2.30😂🤣Крутой клип я одна тут русская

                        • ID-_1096
                          ID-_1096  8 hours back

                          Donald trump: wall!

                          • Dadixon114
                            Dadixon114  8 hours back

                            Billie:autotune? Justin: 0:10

                            • Fantasy dude 6
                              Fantasy dude 6  8 hours back

                              I love Justin Bieber’s verse

                              • DeRRy GaCHa
                                DeRRy GaCHa  8 hours back

                                А чо это на заставке?!

                                • DeRRy GaCHa
                                  DeRRy GaCHa  2 hours back

                                  @Wormybag9035 I hate playlists, I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm Russian

                                • Wormybag9035
                                  Wormybag9035  2 hours back

                                  I hate gAcHa kids

                              • Itsdoggyok Gt
                                Itsdoggyok Gt  8 hours back

                                Justin Bieber : 2:29 *moans*

                                • witch blade
                                  witch blade  8 hours back

                                  I like it

                                  • Patches Lindsey
                                    Patches Lindsey  9 hours back

                                    WohOoOOooO at 1:59 you'll thank me later.

                                  • abderrahmen bouzayen
                                    abderrahmen bouzayen  10 hours back

                                    justin is a faggot

                                    • Дарина Петренко :

                                      ну что искали русский комент ? вот он

                                      • Ника Brayn
                                        Ника Brayn  10 hours back

                                        честно , оригинал с Billie мне больше нравится ))

                                        • Talida Kurtmann
                                          Talida Kurtmann  10 hours back

                                          That outfit we all wore hoping our crush would like us

                                          • Sara of Isla
                                            Sara of Isla  12 hours back

                                            *THE FACT THAT SHE TOOK THIS PHOTO I'M CRYING ONLY BILLIE WOULD DO THIS*
                                            i made a cover of this song (without justin tho lol), pls help ya girl out and give it a listen

                                            • lexie heart
                                              lexie heart  13 hours back

                                              Been a fan of Justin Bieber since he was starting on YouTube and had only 250,000 followers to now! I can relate with Billy since she been a fan of his for a long time too!!!😁

                                              • Ксюша Omg
                                                Ксюша Omg  13 hours back


                                                • Vendo Tamales a 10 pesos :v

                                                  Im the bad guy
                                                  Me: Yes the Duh
                                                  Me: Oh Shit...

                                                  • Nikola Rusty Tesla III
                                                    Nikola Rusty Tesla III  14 hours back

                                                    ✌😁 cool

                                                    • Anny Stts
                                                      Anny Stts  14 hours back

                                                      Amei a versão com Justin ❤️😍😍🇧🇷

                                                      • Vitor Jonnsson
                                                        Vitor Jonnsson  16 hours back


                                                        • macky donolds
                                                          macky donolds  16 hours back

                                                          I don't like this

                                                          • Alien karma Studios
                                                            Alien karma Studios  16 hours back

                                                            Justin: do you have auto tune
                                                            Queen eilish: yes just to make my voice scary
                                                            Justin: not for your actual singing voice
                                                            Queen Eilish: no
                                                            Justin: wait you can sing
                                                            Queen Eilish: you can't sing?

                                                            • Wormybag9035
                                                              Wormybag9035  2 hours back

                                                              I hate gAcHa kids

                                                            • OLA S
                                                              OLA S  6 hours back

                                                              Underrated post. It's the truth, ya know.

                                                          • Aternative
                                                            Aternative  16 hours back


                                                            *billy elish and justin bieber in bad guy*

                                                            • sad_ edits
                                                              sad_ edits  17 hours back

                                                              Your songs are miss

                                                              • Emily Schenck
                                                                Emily Schenck  17 hours back

                                                                That doesn’t look like Billie, but I’ll give it to you

                                                                • DavidCrypt
                                                                  DavidCrypt  17 hours back

                                                                  Billie: Famous at 17

                                                                  Me at 17: oh wait I’m 14

                                                                • #Octavio
                                                                  #Octavio  17 hours back

                                                                  Justin bieber con vestido? Wtf

                                                                  • Gacha PoTAtO
                                                                    Gacha PoTAtO  18 hours back

                                                                    Mom: so who’s the lucky boy?
                                                                    Billie:...check my room...
                                                                    Mom: *goes in room * O_O really? Justin Bieber -_-
                                                                    Billie: YASS GIRL

                                                                  • random content
                                                                    random content  19 hours back

                                                                    She looks so different

                                                                    • Allison Schmidt
                                                                      Allison Schmidt  19 hours back


                                                                      • Exro YT
                                                                        Exro YT  19 hours back

                                                                        02:27 Justin Bieber burps 😂

                                                                        • Luzia Soares
                                                                          Luzia Soares  19 hours back

                                                                          Alguém do Brasil ?

                                                                          • agus,ámbar n' emily
                                                                            agus,ámbar n' emily  19 hours back

                                                                            JB: I'm the bad guy

                                                                            me: osiosi viene lo mejor DUUUHHH

                                                                            JB: WHOOOOAAAAOOO

                                                                            me: aaammmm... ok?

                                                                            • Dessinateur Amateur
                                                                              Dessinateur Amateur  20 hours back

                                                                              Is better with Justin..🔥💪🏻

                                                                              • OLA S
                                                                                OLA S  4 hours back

                                                                                @Dessinateur Amateur ya u can say what u want it won't change anything.

                                                                              • Dessinateur Amateur
                                                                                Dessinateur Amateur  5 hours back

                                                                                OLA S 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

                                                                              • OLA S
                                                                                OLA S  6 hours back