I'm A Slave Of My Stepmother

  • Published: 23 April 2019


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    Hello, I’m Lucy. My life has been divided between two houses, but I never thought I would become an employee in one of them. And this fact makes me feel constantly exhausted.

    My parents have been divorced for a long time. Me and my older sister stayed with my mom based on the court's decision, but my dad was also allowed to spend a lot of time with both of us. That’s why we used to spend, like half of our weekends and holidays at my dad’s place. I love both of my parents equally, but honestly speaking my dad’s temper is pretty terrible. Sometimes we'd have days where he would just yell and punish me and my sister whenever we did the littlest thing wrong. I will give you a vivid example. Once we were spending Halloween with my dad. We had been working on making our costumes for an entire day and had gotten really hungry. There was almost nothing in the fridge and my sister Annie decided she wanted to order a pizza. She asked dad if that was OK, but he said no for no actual reason. He suggested that we cook something on our own, but we didn’t want to and we were really in the mood for pizza, especially since it was a holiday. Dad went crazy. He yelled at us and locked us in our room with no actual dinner and, of course, with no trick or treating. So, we stayed hungry and totally upset until the next day. Since then neither I nor Annie were big fans of Halloween any longer.

    Dad was not always that bad, but since Annie is 5 years older than me, she would be punished more often. At some point, when she got big enough, she said that wanted to live with my mom permanently and no longer visit our dad. But I couldn’t do the same, and I probably didn’t want to. Days at dad’s house started to be even less fun without Annie. I mean, I had some friends from the neighboring houses there, but I was not supposed to play with them all day long, because dad would say he wanted to spend some time with me. But we'd usually ended up watching sports on TV while he was trying to teach me about different teams and coaches and players and stuff. I can’t say that I was totally unhappy because I still had my dad next to me in my life.

    Then my dad married Julia. She was not bad, actually, but we barely interacted with each other, because she was pretty busy with all of her trips to the beauty salon, yoga classes, and Zumba dancing. A few months later my dad called me into the room and said that my step-mom was pregnant and that I was going to have a little brother or sister. That was great news for me, because I always wanted to have a younger sibling. I was really excited about that and even promised that I'd take care of the baby when he or she was born. What made me speak up, I still have no idea!?

    Now, with a new wife and a baby on the way dad was working all day long, even while I was visiting him. That’s when Julia would start to watch me while he was at work. Her pregnancy made her really big, so I had to help her with cooking, dishwashing, house cleaning, and other stuff. At first I thought that it was really hard for her to do all the housework, but then I realized that she was just using me so that she could chat with her friends or read some parenting magazines in her room while I was slaving away downstairs. I tried to complain to my dad about the situation, but he was totally on Julia’s side. He’d even take away my phone so that nothing would disturb me from being her assistant. Things didn’t changed much when my little brother was born. Except that now in addition from cooking, cleaning, shopping, and bringing groceries up the stairs for my step-mom, I also had to babysit my baby brother while she was resting. I literally felt deprived and had zero fun that summer.

    The final straw came when my dad took me out to eat and invited me to come to live with him and Julia permanently. You know, I can’t say that I was surprised, because a couple of times I remembered Julia telling him that she couldn’t live without my help when I’d go back home. And now, if I lived with them, dad wouldn’t have to pay my mom any child support and he would get free labor. I was confused and promised to think over his suggestion. I just couldn’t refuse him right there, face-to-face, because he’d probably get mad at me and I didn’t want to piss him off. Besides, I got into really deep thought about my little brother and I was afraid that my dad’s bad temper would ruin our times together. So, you know, having to think about all these things was tearing me apart inside.

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    • periodT Sis
      periodT Sis  24 hours back

      Your channel is trash

    • Someone
      Someone  1 days back

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED it all started with my little brothers illness 7 years ago my brother born with a liver illness that no one survived in his age because of this there was no doctor to operate him and there was only a few doctor that operate people that are over 18 so we flew lots of different countries and my brother had heart attack too many Times his heart even stopped 5-6 times and after he got operations and started to grow we had lots of problems because he can’t take protein and he cant speak until 7 years old people around us were thinking he was one years old because he was so skinny and short my mom became so angry and dramatic and after that we moved to another city but in that city they found a unknown virus and understand he is hyperactive they send me to my grandma and come back after 1 years and he was much better he started to walk and live like a normal person but he was still smaller than the others he didn’t go to school and he will drink lots of antibiotics all his life and everything was okay except my mom my dad is a good doctor so she don’t need to work she was just looking at my brother and I and my brother has a nurse babysitter so she doesn’t have to do anything but she was getting crazier she was yelling every thing and doing un normal things like once she pour laundry detergent all over me just because i didn’t clean my room and I have to run to place my dad works and it was raining so Every where become bubbly and one day she even throw a plate and lots of mugs I m a strong girl so she can’t kick me when I was little I was boxing 🥊 so few times she try to attack but I push her and don’t let her kick me but I was always doing thing that she should do and helping my brother like this story and one day I was carrying something that was about 55 kilograms to our house and it’s in floor 9 and we don’t have elevator and I felt pain in my arms and I fainted and you know what no they didn’t found me and get worried like it happens in movies I woke up and understand I was there sleeping for 4 hours and I woke up my head was bleeding a little but I didn’t say anything to anyone I went home pack my things and my money and run away but my dad understand that I wasn’t home so he call the police and they found me and I tell what I feel to him and now I’m living with my fathers sister and my mom is taking medicines and going to a therapist I wish she’ll become well soon and I’m not blaming her because she lived lots of bad things

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      Casturn Gamez 2.0  3 days back

      AD MINO Benny was a great week keep it

    • Johanna Reyna
      Johanna Reyna  3 days back

      My advice to the girl is
      Break that bad parental Chain if your dad is like with you, don't let it circle again when you have your owns kids, because I know that you wont let that happen, every child needs love and affection, No child should never ever feel like they aren't loved because you are loved by God. God is Love ❤

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      HTC HTC Leo and I will be in the past John Germann  5 days back

      Phew good thing you are ok

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    How do i keep finding cinderella stories? :/

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                                        ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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