The Sky Is Pink - Official Trailer | Priyanka C J, Farhan A, Zaira W, Rohit S | Shonali B | Oct 11

  • Published: 10 September 2019
  • The Sky Is Pink is the incredible love story of a couple spanning 25 years, told through the lens of their teenage daughter. She is sassy, sardonic, spunky and also…dead! A fact she nonchalantly mentions at the very outset. “Get over it. It’s quite cool actually. You’ll see when you get here (which you do know you will right?!)”
    Unexpectedly humorous, warm and heart wrenching all at once as the magic of life and beauty of death manifest in one family’s unusual, courageous journey in this 100% true story.

    Presenting the official trailer of The Sky Is Pink.
    Releasing in cinemas from 11th October 2019.

    Starring: Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, Rohit Saraf

    Directed by: Shonali Bose
    Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala & Siddharth Roy Kapur
    Written by: Shonali Bose & Nilesh Maniyar
    Hindi Dialogues: Juhi Chaturvedi & Nilesh Maniyar
    Co- Producers: Kilian Kerwin, Dr.Madhu Chopra, Priyanka Chopra Jonas
    Associate Producer: Malvika Khatri
    Executive Producer: John Penotti, Michael Hogan, Sidney Kimmel, Robert Friedland, Nilesh Maniyar, Deepak Gawade
    Music: Pritam
    Lyrics: Gulzar
    Editor: Manas Mittal
    Director of Photography: Kartik Vijay, Nick Cooke
    Production Designer: Aradhana Seth
    Costume Designer: Eka Lakhani
    Original Music Score: Mikey Mccleary
    Sound Designer: Anish John
    Head of Distribution (RSVP): Jeewan Joshi
    Creative Producers (RSVP): Pashan Jal, Sonia Kanwar, Shubh Shivdasani, Salona Bains Joshi, Ankur Khanna
    First Assistant Director: Anubhav Chopra
    Supervising Producer (RKF): Manish Rahatkar
    Line Producer: Saurabh Khandelwal
    Casting: Casting Bay

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  • Ramkrishna Mishra
    Ramkrishna Mishra  2 hours back


    • james becks
      james becks  4 hours back

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      • Fahmida Dolon
        Fahmida Dolon  5 hours back

        Priyanka is looking so damn hot even as a mom of 2 teenagers 😍😍😍😍😍😍 this movie is going to be a blockbuster movie. Very nice story. Can’t wait to watch ❤️❤️❤️

        • Izabelle710
          Izabelle710  7 hours back

          Shonali Bose great thanks for bringing Priyanka back to Bollywood, for my fav couple: Pri and Farkhan and heartwarming movie!👏🥰❤️

          • Shivam Arya
            Shivam Arya  8 hours back

            Saari story toh bata di yaar ab
            Main movie m kya dekhne jaau.. 😓😥

            • Boiz Akhter
              Boiz Akhter  9 hours back

              Abhi tak larko kay sath keya ha manay 🔥😅😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

              • It's our amazing world With Alpesh

                All sports legends in one movie😃
                Bhag milkha bhaag( Farhan Akhtar) , Mary Kom ( Priyanka Chopra Jonas) and Dangal ki Geeta Phogat ( Zaira Wasim) Great.

                • Shivam Raj
                  Shivam Raj  10 hours back

                  Are yrr last qs ka ans do .on the basis of what u understand.

                  • Aadil Creations
                    Aadil Creations  11 hours back


                    • Aadil Creations
                      Aadil Creations  11 hours back


                      • Deadpool sharma
                        Deadpool sharma  11 hours back

                        Agar vo condom pehan na bhul gaya to tu to ipeal kha leti - Dayan

                        • Nidhi Singh
                          Nidhi Singh  11 hours back

                          Priyanka Chopra Jonas... you are an inspiration...simply the best.

                          • Priyoshri Ghosh
                            Priyoshri Ghosh  11 hours back

                            Sera Sera💓💓

                            • Vishakha Deshmukh
                              Vishakha Deshmukh  12 hours back

                              Waiting from so long time for your movie 💕 @priyanka chopra jonas.. worth waiting usual u nailed it by your acting 😍 👌👍

                              • Harshad Wakade 1415
                                Harshad Wakade 1415  12 hours back

                                Nm. Part 3 soon

                                • sb studio99
                                  sb studio99  13 hours back

                                  Nice trailer

                                  • Acting Is Life
                                    Acting Is Life  14 hours back

                                    याद करो दोस्तो ये वही प्रियंका चोपड़ा है जिसने की Quantico के दुआरा ना सिर्फ हिन्दू धर्म बल्कि हिंदुस्तान को भी वर्ल्ड के सामने बदनाम और नीचा दिखाने की कोशिश की और बेईजत भी करने की कोशिश की । हमे तुम जैसे एक्ट्रेस और लोगो से नफ़रत है। शर्म करो शर्म मै तो कभी भी तेरी फिल्म ना देखू और ना किसी को देखने को बोलूंगा ।क्यों की तुम (प्रियंका चोपड़ा )देशद्रोही है।

                                    • Kishor Tripathy
                                      Kishor Tripathy  14 hours back

                                      nice trailer!

                                      • Kishor Tripathy
                                        Kishor Tripathy  14 hours back


                                        • Kishor Tripathy
                                          Kishor Tripathy  14 hours back

                                          STORY MAST HAI

                                          • chanchal Riyaz
                                            chanchal Riyaz  15 hours back

                                            Nice channel

                                            • chanchal Riyaz
                                              chanchal Riyaz  15 hours back

                                              Subscribe me

                                              • Shay D
                                                Shay D  15 hours back

                                                1:12 everyone said Ayushi and then in entire trailer it was Ayesha. What?

                                                • kamali saravanappriyan
                                                  kamali saravanappriyan  15 hours back

                                                  movie named inspired by tamil movie title " chekka chevantha vanam" ?

                                                  • Akash Saxena
                                                    Akash Saxena  16 hours back

                                                    Can't explain how much i hate this Raand saali Priyanka Chopra, Sala Hafiz saeed se pehle ye mar jaye.

                                                    • mickey-travel
                                                      mickey-travel  16 hours back

                                                      zaira ne to bollywood chod diya tha?

                                                      • Gillian Dsouza
                                                        Gillian Dsouza  16 hours back

                                                        What a shit story

                                                        • Debmalya Majumdar
                                                          Debmalya Majumdar  16 hours back

                                                          watch this plz

                                                          • Fleur de Pavot
                                                            Fleur de Pavot  16 hours back

                                                            The couple were no match. they did not show any emotions of loss, or pain. This was a bad way to present a true story. PC was as bad an actor as the guy. Besides, PC was too busy in showing off.

                                                            • Hope Pale
                                                              Hope Pale  17 hours back

                                                              In the trailer, arijit sings aye zindagi whereas in the song he sings dil hi to hain

                                                              • Aditya Ak
                                                                Aditya Ak  17 hours back

                                                                Main Bhaag skta hoon jyada smart mt bno phn Lo marycom 😂😂😂

                                                                • Nick Narayan
                                                                  Nick Narayan  17 hours back

                                                                  aapki kya umr thi jab aapne first time kiyaa thaa omg

                                                                  • Allah Khan
                                                                    Allah Khan  17 hours back


                                                                    • anwar sanwala
                                                                      anwar sanwala  18 hours back

                                                                      Very nice trailer but zaira wasim ne toh filme karna chod di hai na

                                                                      • Lb. Wav
                                                                        Lb. Wav  18 hours back

                                                                        The main song is beautiful #Dilhitohhia

                                                                        • Rahul pawase
                                                                          Rahul pawase  19 hours back

                                                                          #dil hi to hain

                                                                          • Rowdy Abdul
                                                                            Rowdy Abdul  19 hours back

                                                                            Ronnie screwvala made them screw each other in the film

                                                                            • with Riyaa Gupta
                                                                              with Riyaa Gupta  21 hours back

                                                                              Lots of love from
                                                                              'Small Youtuber'

                                                                              • ISHQ e BISMIL
                                                                                ISHQ e BISMIL  20 hours back

                                                                                plz watch and subscribe best love tragedy poetry

                                                                            • Chris Saurdal
                                                                              Chris Saurdal  21 hours back


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                                                                              • Om Pandey
                                                                                Om Pandey  22 hours back

                                                                                Ye zara toh band kar di thi na

                                                                                • Owsm Shot
                                                                                  Owsm Shot  22 hours back

                                                                                  Is it Zaira's last movie or another is coming ⁉️

                                                                                  • सुनैंना जैंन


                                                                                    • ISHQ e BISMIL
                                                                                      ISHQ e BISMIL  20 hours back

                                                                                      plz watch and subscribe best love tragedy poetry

                                                                                  • सुनैंना जैंन

                                                                                    Amazing 😍👌

                                                                                    • सुनैंना जैंन

                                                                                      Very nice story

                                                                                      • Vijaykumar Bachau
                                                                                        Vijaykumar Bachau  1 days back


                                                                                        • Alex G
                                                                                          Alex G  1 days back

                                                                                          The thumbnail looks like Eddie Guerrero and Chyna LATINO HEATTT

                                                                                          • Polash Bhuiyan
                                                                                            Polash Bhuiyan  1 days back

                                                                                            Arijit dada♥♥♥♥

                                                                                            • vivek daiya
                                                                                              vivek daiya  1 days back

                                                                                              Trailer is okk but Why these Bollywood Trailers show every other movie like a Superhero Movie🤔